"...designed to inspire and help minority professional firms pursue their destiny" -Lester H. McKeever Jr.

Building Relationships and Expanding Opportunities

"We want to create an opportunity in an environment in which diversity is recognized, acknowledged, and valued." -President Zimmer

The Office of Business Diversity


The purpose of this Directory is to assist you in viewing and selecting various minority and women-owned businesses that are referred vendors for the University. A CNET ID is required to log-in and view. Basic information is provided for each vendor as well as their current certifications and agencies they are certified through.
If you need further clarification or information about different types of certifications please visit our resources page.


The Office of Business Diversity is committed to creating opportunities at the University of Chicago for local minority and women-owned professional services, goods and construction firms.

Our efforts pursue three main objectives:

  • Enhance the vitality of small and growing minority and women-owned businesses in Chicago and the surrounding community
  • Provide a positive link to economic development and advocacy organizations that focus on business diversity issues
  • Complement the University's established commitment to diversity by helping minority and women-owned business secure contracts and build lasting relationships

Additional Office of Business Diversity information, news updates, and upcoming events can be found on our website.